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Everything started with a frustration…

Few years ago I had decided to hire a social networking company for marketing strategies services. Thousands of dollars later, I was desperate with 0 prospect and $ 0 income as only results. This disappointment led me to interest myself to the social networks marketing. After several years of learning alongside leading digital marketing experts who generated tangible results, with millions of followers and millions of dollars as recurring monthly revenues, I first applied my talents acquired in my own projects. Later, wishing to share my experience and expertise, I offered my services to all companies wishing to increase their income and to have a better visibility on the market. This is how Diop Creative Agency was born which has now many happy and satisfied clients.

Cire Diop, CEO 

Your Trusted Company …

We are a marketing agency located in Montreal (Canada) serving customers both nationally and internationally. Motivated by their success achievement, we put creative and innovative ideas in place to increase their number of visitors. Our approach enables them to build a loyal customer base and increase their turnover.

ine for a second a team of seasoned professionals: marketing specialists, skilled programmers, photographers and content creators! Add to this a meticulous follow-up and a flawless accompaniment, and crown it all with the most competitive price on the market! Less expensive than a full-time employee? Without a shadow of a doubt!

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